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Why Choose FFS?

business woman at desk working on her computerDo you ever feel that expert advisors won't help you because your company is perceived as being too new, too small, or too risky? Many consultants require that small businesses have sales over $3 Million, and that you have three straight years of profits before they will work with you. Are you tired of being told you are below the radar and to come back later when you've grown your company?

We can help you.

We understand that you have dreams and goals and that you have choices about who you hire to help your company grow. We think you should choose FFS.

FFS offers:

  • Experienced, reliable and responsible consultants
  • Customized services
  • Short and long-term solutions
  • Specialists in meeting small business needs

Reasons to Choose FFS

Experienced, reliable and responsible

FFS Principals and Associates have over two decades of experience in private industry, academia, government and the non-profit worlds including owning and operating successful small businesses. We understand your problems and challenges.

We're here when you need us for both those short term deadlines and the longer term challenges.

Customized Solutions

gold trophy cup on base FFS Principals and Associates provide customized solutions for your unique business needs. We don't believe that one size solution fits all companies at all times. Our solutions are designed for your situation. Our project teams are staffed with the right mix of skills and the right number of professionals and we work with you to adjust the team to meet your changing requirements. We understand your problems and challenges.

Scalable Solutions

We develop both short and long-term scalable solutions to help your company meet deadlines, grow, achieve financial stability, and achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency.

Specialists in Small Business

We specialize in small businesses. We focus on small businesses that are early in their life cycle or facing a turnaround situation. These are companies that our competitors consider to be too young, underdeveloped or risky. We want to help you "graduate" to the next higher levels of business challenges.

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