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Who is FFS LLC?

pile of gold coins from profitsHave you ever met someone who felt they were earning the right amount of profit from their business? No? Neither have we. Most of the time, we all feel we could be doing a little better.

This web site will give you information about a company named Fraser Financial Services (FFS) LLC that can help you take a fresh look at your revenues and costs to see where there may be additional profits.

Background Information:


We help small businesses increase their profits.

How do we do that?

red chainsaw for cutting costs We act as strategic partners with our customers to create business value by increasing revenue and/or reducing costs. After an initial consultation, we develop a game plan together for addressing your unique needs with customized, high value information and analytical services.

Who are the FFS Principals?

wood mask of wise man Our firm's principals have a wide variety of small business, Federal government, non-profit, international, and academic experiences. Our project teams are structured with the right skill mix to meet your requirements.


Our customers are business decision makers who are concerned with and held accountable for profit. They are responsible for it, measure it, and are evaluated by it. This can include small business owners of all ages including minorities, women, and people starting second careers. It can also include divisions or other parts of larger organizations. Prior customers offered the these comments about FFS.

Geographical scope:

Fraser Financial Services (FFS) has been providing high quality, value-added services and information products to customers in the Mid Atlantic Region since 1984. We are centrally located in the Tyson's Corner, Virginia area. Tyson's Corner is the hub of the Northern Virginia high tech corridor and is conveniently located near other job centers in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Types of businesses served:

We specialize in businesses that range from start up to $2 Million in annual sales with less than 250 employees. Representative businesses include software development, web hosting, legal services, marketing and communications, genetics, mental health services, marinas and crafts based businesses.

Stages of business life-cycle:

We serve customers from the idea or concept stage through startup, growth and mature business life cycle stages. We also work with non-profits and small businesses needing short-term assistance with turnarounds.

Types of products and services:

The following linked page lists representative information products and services provided by FFS.

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