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What do prior customers say?

First place medal on red, white and blue ribbonPrior customers come from a variety of locations and types of businesses. A representative sample of FFS customers have offered the following comments about the types of products and services as well as their quality:

FFS Customer Comments:

G.S., Annapolis - Accounting and Point of Sale Software

"Your analysis of market position helped us reposition our marketing strategy and resulted in increased annual sales."

W.F., Fairfax - Web Hosting Startup

"Thanks for your quick analysis and redraft of our business plan. It helped us recruit the necessary private investors to expand the next phase of our business."

B.C., Washington D.C. - Federal agency

"The training you provided on building our high performance teams and the advice on strategic alignment helped us fulfill our mission during a period of accelerated change."

G.K., Atlanta - Legal services

"Thank you for your review and recommendations on our accounts receivable policies. This enabled us to manage this strategic business area to increase our cash flow."

J.G., Portland - Marina Operator

"Your market analysis of supply and demand for commercial and recreational moorage and related services and the pricing recommendations were right on target. We were able to increase our prices 5 % without lowering utilization rates."

C.M., Herndon - Crafts

"Without your timely analysis and advice, I would not have brought my taxes and inventory under control. Thank you so much!"

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