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What are your top priority business needs?

compass in handsOne of the ways that Fraser Financial Services continues to refine its mix of products and services is to listen and understand the needs of its customers. We need your opinion about what are the top priority challenges facing your business. Some surveys cite lack of capital, government paperwork and regulations, high taxes, workman's compensation, unemployment insurance, and poorly publicized, little known, and underutilized state programs to assist small businesses as common problems.

Some small businesses might need a business or marketing plan. Some would say taxes, or government red tape. Others might suggest competing in the talent wars to find, hire, and retain quality employees. Others might need help with fine tuning their marketing strategies or setting prices that maximize profits. Others may need to tighten their inventory, shorten their accounts receivable age structure or improve cash flow.

We also know that problems facing more mature businesses are not always the same as those in a turnaround or startup mode.

bumpy road ahead warning signPlease complete the following form and let us know your opinion about the top three business problems you are facing. The survey should take only about two minutes. All feedback will be combined and the results reported on the web site. Thank you!

Identifying your top priority business needs.

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Image of small, gold dollar signPlease recommend us to a friend or professional associate. If your referral leads to a new customer, we will credit you with a $50 discount on your next invoice.

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